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Tornike Guruli

Tornike Guruli: You Should Always Feel Customer’s Pulse to Attain Success

Tornike Guruli, head of PSP pharmacy network’s marketing department and one of the prominent PR and Marketing Specialists in Georgia, talked about his current and past jobs and about his incredible career path.

– What is your profession?

– I have graduated from several universities, one of which was PR faculty at Georgian Technical University. I have also studied media communications at University of Technology Chemnitz in Germany.

– Your first job place.

– It has been long time since I earned my first money. I started making money when I was 16. I used to work as a worker, waiter, foreign language teacher, librarian, guide, translator at a clothes factory and so on.

I started my first serious job as an international trainer. I used to study and hold trainings simultaneously. I held my first training in Vrozalv (Poland), for 20 participants as part of 3-year program funded by Bosch foundation. I trained those participants in social projects management, jointly with Polish and German colleagues.

– Current job and position.

– I have always been working in various directions. Currently I lead PSP pharmacy network’s marketing department. I am also trainer of management academy in marketing and PR fields, in addition I am a full professor a Ilia State University.

I also have small businesses – favorite hotel on Brosse Street and a travel company.

– Your first success.

– I would name my experience at Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia (GYLA) as successful. I have worked in the PR direction there and we had many interesting cases: Sandro Girgvliani’s case, Zura Vazagashvili’s case and many campaigns for human rights protection.

– Project, business that you take pride in even today.

– I appreciate all projects I do. I treat them as my friends.

In commerce direction, I would name SMART network of supermarkets. This business is a subsidiary of Wissol Group and It was shaped by me starting from the idea ending with the network development. I would also name PSP pharmacies of new concept. Developing of the brand with 23-year experience. I have serious emotional attitude to my projects.

As to social direction, I would name Tree of Life foundation. Projects of this foundation have changed life of many people.


– What makes a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special characteristics are required.

– I think creative thought, hardworking, continuous aspiration for novelties are necessary for people working in communication field. To be successful, you should always feel the customer’s pulse to precisely feel what the customer needs. You should love people despite their worldview and other characteristics.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to study PR very well or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

– MA course in PR of Ilia State University is a genuinely innovative program. I think it is a good platform in Georgia for those wishing to receive PR knowledge. Living abroad has other advantages too. When living abroad, I have studied not only a specific direction, but also learned how to live in a different way and achieve personal development.

– Is PR perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

– The main thing is that you do good affairs and talk about this to the society. Sometimes, in Georgia PR is mentioned in negative context too. Obtaining public trust is one of the main objectives of PR and it has nothing common with negative aspects.

– How simply can you settle emergency situations and take decisions? Does emergency situation affect quality of working process?

– I have thought much over this issue. I have published a book on these issues and I think a planning is the most important component for settling crisis. If you plan properly, crisis cannot affect the quality.

-Interesting episode  that has changed your life.

-When I graduated a university in Germany, I thought much where to continue living. I chose Georgia. It was the year of 2005 and many things were changing in the country. My decision to return to Georgia has  determined my lifestyle and regime. I am very content I have taken this decision.

– If not this profession, which field would you work in?

– In my childhood I liked two professions: a teacher and a pilot. I became a teacher – I permanently hold trainings and I participate in university teaching process. If not tis profession, I think I would be a pilot.

-What are strong features of you, as a businessman?

– I think personal discipline is may strongest feature, as well as ability of self-concentration and patience. I also like learning and I spend much time on picking up novelties. I believe my busy life in various directions has added me a good ability of planning and I can plan affairs valuably.

– What gives the company to you? What makes it interesting for you?

– Personal development is of crucial importance for me, as well as ability of implementing ideas. Personal relations are also very important. The companies that I cooperate with provide similar opportunities and I am pleased to cooperate with them.

– What makes major discomfort in working process?

– I always try to motivate my colleagues. I believe only motivated staff can achieve real positive changes. Attitude of some persons to the office duties creates major discomfort.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– After 20 years I would like to do the same I have been doing today. I would  like to be teaching again and working in communication field. By that period I will have published several other books on communication issues.