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Tiflistex Company to Export Georgian made Socks to EU

The Tiflistex Company’s socks will be sold in the EU. The company will send its first batch to the EU at the end of the month.

The founder of the company Giorgi Gachechiladze states that he came up with the idea to start the business after Georgia made the free trade agreement with the EU.

”When it comes to exports in the textile industry, we are the first, we are pioneers. All of our machinery is ecologically clean and relies heavily on electricity,” says the company’s founder.

The Georgian sock factory opened six months ago and by that time the company already have acquired two export contracts, one with Greece and one with Azerbaijan.

At the end of this month, 20,000 pairs of socks will be for sale in Greece, however, the company already has agreements with European partners for the importation of 1 million pairs of socks. The companies production fully satisfies the requirements demanded of producers from European countries.

8 million GEL was invested in the factory. The socks are made using Italian machinery. The company is preparing its first trial of products intended for the Austrian market.