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Three Quarters of Radio Stations in 2017

For any business company, advertising on radio becomes increasingly attractive, and this leads to many factors, including easy access to potential customers.

Company IFM Research has been monitoring  following 7 radio stations since the beginning of 2017:

* Radio Imedi

* Radio Palitra

* Fortuna

* Fortuna +

*Ar Daidardo

* Autoradio

* Radio Maestro

Within the monitoring period, in the three quarters of last year, 796 055 commercials were aired in radio stations. The number of commercials on radio Maestro was 166 896, second is Radio Imedi with 124 231. The third place is occupied by Radio Ar Daidardo – 121 141.

The chart contains the shares, sponsorships and commercials during three quarters of 2017.


As for the number of commercial advertisements, are as follows:


repared by Media Monitoring Department IFM Research. Source