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Thousands of Oil Products Tanks Halted at Georgian-Azerbaijani Border

Thousands of Oil Products Tanks Halted at Georgian-Azerbaijani Border

What is the current situation in Batumi Seaport and why have about 2000 wagons been halted at the Georgian-Azerbaijani border? What are the problems transportation companies are facing and why do they plan to leave the Batumi Seaport and find alternative routes?

According to the IPress information, after the new management entered the Batumi Seaport, transportation companies that mainly convey liquid oil products are systematically facing problems. According to our information, today over 1800 containers with oil products are staying in Azerbaijan and waiting to head for the Batumi Seaport. Currently, 514 tanks of ExxonMobil with Azeri Light, 141 tanks of NaftIran, 1262 tanks of Vitol Apollo and 61 tanks of Vitol are waiting in Azerbaijan.

Transportation companies are facing difficulties with transporting tanks and wagons to Batumi Seaport. After Malik Diusembaev was appointed as a new director, cargo transportation, especially oil products transportation volume considerably fell, a new wave of firing workers started (the management refers to expired labor contracts) and legal problems arose. Ipress will cover all these issues tomorrow.

The problems with cargo transportation have intensified. This is proved by the statistics and comments made by transportation companies.

“We had problems with Batumi Seaport previously too and these problems exist now. We are facing problems with cargo reception. Everything will be decided tomorrow”,  representatives of MG (Canargo) oil products distribution company say.

Representatives of Vitol company, a trader on the Batumi Seaport territory, also prove problems with transporting cargoes to Batumi.

“Cargo transportation to the Batumi Seaport is related to many problems. About 2000 tanks have been halted in Azerbaijan, and this happens permanently…  Wagons are let continue the way stage by stage and all these factors affect revenues of the Seaport, the Railway and consequently, the state budget”, the company says.

According to our information, similar restrictions arose to one of the major foreign oil companies, which has already applied to state structures for reaction.

IPress has contacted the management of LLC Batumi Oil Terminal. The representatives did not rule out the information on halted cargo and promised to divulge details in private conversation. The company director Malik Diusembaev told IPress he will not make comments on the issue by phone and will talk on Batumi Seaport operation in an interview personally.

Later, IPress contacted deputy director Levan Jobava, but he noted he was not entitled to make comments on similar issues  and added the director was ready to talk about this and all other issues in an interview with IPress. In several minutes the deputy director pointed out the director could talk about the issue without consultations with the Kazakh side. “You can forward your questions and we will answer them”, he said.

IPress keeps working on the issue and will publish all details as soon as possible.