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Photo/ Gingers
Photo/ Gingers

Things All Business Companies Need: Georgian Women Created New Marketing Startup

Properly planned marketing is a necessary precondition for any company development.

This direction is necessary in small, medium and major business sectors. Major companies, as a rule, develop marketing direction themselves, they plan new strategies and improve old experience.

Comparatively smaller organizations frequently apply to marketing companies for assistance. Lately, a new marketing company appeared on the market. GINGERS is a team of creative, young, hardworking and ambitious girls.

In her interview with the BusinessPressNews, GINGER director Tamar Solomnishvli talks about the company strategy and plans.

When was the company founded? What products do you offer to the market?

GINGERS is a marketing agency that provides a full package of marketing services, including strategy planning, developing design, logo, social media direction, placing AD materials and so on, due to individual needs of our partners. Our company appeared on the market only four months ago.

What segment do you make focus on? How many projects have you implemented?

Over the past 4 months we have implemented 17 projects in various fields, including tourism, development, healthcare sectors. We mainly make focus on small and medium business segments. We provide full marketing services that our clients needs. Major companies prefer to arrange marketing issues themselves. Therefore, we are not oriented on this segment.

Which form should a company choose to appear on the market, which logo and which advertising direction are desirable? How long does the process last?

This is individual issue. Everything depends on specific needs. It takes about 3 months to choose a company name and implement a full marketing cycle for fresh companies. After preparatory works, we also plan how and where the company should continue operation.