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The Legendary Brand ThinkPad is 25 Years Old

Lenovo, the world leader in the development of innovative technological solutions for home and business, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the legendary ThinkPad.

ThinkPad has been surprising by the innovation of the world for 25 years. The history of the brand began in 1992. With a modest design, powerful technical parameters and a mobility notebook, the soon-to-become symbol of a business people.

In 1993, ThinkPad became the first ever certified laptop by NASA, operating in the cosmos.

Over the years, ThinkPad has become the world leader in innovative functions, reliability and power. Over 25 years Lenovo sold more than 130 million ThinkPad notebooks.

Along with standard tests, Lenovo engineers have developed innovative testing methods that notebooks have a much tougher test, which is a guarantee of the ThinkPad notebook resistance. The laptop continues to operate smoothly after falling from the height of 1.5 meters. The Lenovo ThinkPad is so reliable that it is certified by the US military standard Mil-SPEC tests: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, “temperature shock”, low pressure, low temperature, dust and many other environmental factors.

In order to offer different innovations to customers, Think Designers and engineers learn human behaviors and get acquainted with the real world of business users, conduct experiments: change the components, visualize them or create new devices. This approach is based on ThinkPad’s latest revolutionary products that are distinguished by high performance and unique design.

Lenovo’s products, including ThinkPad notebooks, are presented on the Georgian market since 2011. ThinkPad is especially popular in Georgia and is the most trusted choice for business customers. Customers can purchase up to 20 different ThinkPad notebooks in the retail network, as well as they can order those models that are not available on the market.

Lenovo has maintained leadership positions for many years and is the world’s trustworthy, high quality and secure products and services, including personal computers (game line – Legion and well-known brands Think & Yoga), workstations, servers, data storage systems SmartTV systems, as well as mobile products including smartphones, including brand Motorola, tablets and applications.