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A Healthy Online Grocery Shop delivers Food Directly from the Villages

Dear reader, at this point CBW is representing the business startup that helps you to save time and eat healthy, “Soplidan”  is registered in the databases of NFA (National Food Agency), as a business operator, which makes it obligated to follow the rules of product inspection, transportation and storage. The information was provided by Natia Ninikelashvili who is one of the founders of the company

Ltd. “Soplidan”owns the web – site (www.soplidan.ge) where it is possible to buy natural country products online, the customer will receive them home in case of ordering any product from the web-site.

The customer is able to pay fee directly by plastic card, cash when receiving the product on place. The product can be purchased by local Georgian bank cards, as well as International plastic cards.


On the web site 70 sorts of products are presented with their prices. (Crude meat, cleaned poultry, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc.)

The company fulfills its reserves from the farmers from throughout Georgia and gets food directly from farmers. Thus, the company does not have its own production yet.

The web-site started its functioning from the 5th of October 2015. Consequently, it has been actively operating on the market for 6 months already.


The idea of this business has come just in case. Due to an ordinary housewife and a parent needs. Women having little babies permanently have this problem – what our children eat and what they feed them. Whether the food is new or whom they are made by. Natia, the company representative and her partner both are from Kakheti region and their family members were often sent them products from Kakheti.

After that they decided to offer this service to other housewives and mothers that would have faith in Georgian farmers. It should be pointed out that the services are comfortable and it saves a lot of time for women. Their customers are aware that the service standards of all the products are controlled by the National Food Agency.

Currently it is only possible to purchase the products on the web site; however, the company managers have a lot of plans to offer several technological innovations in near future.

The name was selected easily. They thought that the name should have been simple and easily understandable. Just one word would have been able to deliver their massage to the customers. The customers know they can buy natural healthy product at a reasonable price without any effort and at a minimum energy, and with maximum comfort.It should be noted that they have already had quite a lot of customers. Their primary task is the customers’ confidence growth.

Their service is very comfortable for those people, who are at work all the day and come back home late and feel too tired, however they will be supplied with natural products. In addition, the company also has customers who order products for old parents. Thus they express their care in such way, along with saving time and energy.

The market determines the price of each product. They try not to overprice, however, branded packaging, delivery at home, of course increases prices of product and service.

The delivery scheme is as follows: delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A person who orders product from the web-site on Monday or Tuesday, the delivery takes place on Wednesday; In case the ordered products days are Wednesday or Thursday, the customer receives them on Friday; In case a person orders on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the product is delivered on Monday.

If the amount of ordered food is more than 30 GEL, then the delivery fee is free from charge. If it is less than 30 GEL, then the value added up to 3 GEL. From April they plan to change this delivery service and it will be possible the customer to receive any ordered product daily.


Business efficiency and therefore profitability is determined by the user needs.

“At this stage, our customers need our services. In addition, our work popularizes Georgian agricultural products, which helps farmers to sell more and as a result produce more. The standards we set give farmers the motivation to produce good quality product, anyway the customer remains satisfied in any case.” – says Natia Ninikelashvili.

Their main objective currently is and it will be also in the future to offer high quality products and services to the customers. They will try and do their best to make customers be interested in their business and each family eat healthy and natural food.