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Abastumani Hotel

First High Class Hotel Opens in Abastumani

Partnership Fund jointly with company “Redix Group” works on the first high-class hotel in Abastumani.

According to the project, 4-star hotel will be built in Daba Abastumani,  Agobila settlement.

As of the Fund, 160-room hotel includes café-restaurant, conference hall, meeting room, swimming –pool, bar, fitness club and SPA.

George Cherkezishvili, director of Partnership Fund notes, that merely several family-managed hotels are operating in Abastumani by now. However, Abastumani is one of the strategic resort settlements.

Respectively, demand on high-class hotel in Abastumani exists and infrastructure development and support of private business is the strategic part of the Fund. The mentioned project will increase awareness of the region and tourist number.

Supposed term of construction start is Spring, 2016. Hotel construction will be finished in 2018. The investment volume of the project is 26 million USD.