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The 40 Best PR Quotes of the Year

During the whole year, we had interviewed PR specialists of 40 Georgian companies; It is the end of the year so, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of our favorite PR quotes of the year.

  1. PR is Complex of Human Features – Interpersonal Skills+ Management Talent – Meko Abramia  brand manager for Corporation Georgian Wine
  2. In Georgia, PR is Often Used to Put out “fires”, Which is a False Assumption – Nodar Kanchaveli director for Silknet PR and Marketing department
  3. Successful Woman Should Balance Career With a Family –  Sopo Khachapuridze, PR Manager for Albatross, window and door installation service company
  4. A Good Work Atmosphere Leads to More Success – Nino Zarkua, PR Manager of Kvareli Eden Hotel
  5. Never Stop Seeking Novelties, Never Stop Examining! – Katia Absandze head of Lopota lake resort & spa PR and Marketing Office
  6. Devotion to Job, First of All, Brings Success – Irina Kometiani
  7. Everyone Could Study PR but Hardly Can Use it – Tata Morchiladze PR and Marketing Manager for inndesign.ge
  8. Successful Company Brings Benefits to Society – Sako Tsotsoria PR and Marketing Manager for Radisson BLU Tbilisi and Radisson BLU Batumi hotels
  9. PR Shapes Company’s Positive Image – Irine Khizanishvili, PR manager for Association of Ferroalloy Product Manufacturers and Manganese Miners
  10. Limits Like Fears are Often Just An Illusion – Teona Dumbadze Teona Dumbadze Hilton Batumi, Marketing Executive / PA to GM
  11. Creative Capacity And Inner Culture Are Important Features in Public Relations Field – Nino Khurodze who is marketing and sales director for WorldClass
  12.  Sense of responsibility, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills and purposefulness. Overcoming difficulties and finishing undertaken business are crucially important factors ––Noka Baindurashvili, PR consultant for ElitElectronics and Tegeta Motors
  13. PR’s importance is Changing, It has Become the Most Effective Way to Build a Brand – Ketevan Bubuteishvilil, head of TechnoPark Marketing and PR department
  14. You Should Always Feel Customer’s Pulse to Attain Success – Tornike Guruli head of PSP pharmacy network’s marketing department
  15. PR Becomes an Important and Valuable Direction for Business and Society – Eldar Pirmisashvili, Founder of Peritus Group Strategic Communications Agency
  16. I would not say there is a classical model of PR in contemporary world, because everything I was personally taught disappears stage by stage and new approaches are coming to frontline. – Nino Jibladze  head of GULF Oil Company’s marketing department.
  17. Globally PR Creates Processes and Events Covered by Media Free of Charge, However Georgian Reality is Different – Maia Takashvili media manager of GEPRA
  18. Interpersonal Skills Matter Most of All in the PR Field – Nino Subeliani, GEPRA Senior Consultant
  19. PR is The World of Persuasion, Moreover it is an Art – Nino Asatiani, PR manager of Trans Electrica Georgia
  20. Demand for Business and Political PR Dominate Most of the Industry – Ketevan Galumashvili GEPRA Senior Consultant
  21. PR is Simplified Way to Obtain Contacts and Sources – Lali Galumashvili, expert-consultant in public relations issues of Social Service Agency
  22.  PR is Wider Concept than Ordinary Advertisement- Natalia Khatiashvili  head of RIXOS Borjomi Sales and Marketing Department
  23. Timely and Correctly Delivered Message will Always Be Effective – Natuka Asatiani, Crowne Plaza Borjomi digital marketer in charge of public relations
  24. When negative PR crashes on a company the rightest thing to do is, not to wait for anything but, to act and react immediately – Keti Bakhturidze, head of Marketing and PR Department at Tiflis Palace
  25. PR field never Lets you Stop Developing Yourself – – Ninia Apkhazava  – Public Relations Manager of the Axis Company
  26. Television Remains Leading Media Despite Attachment to Social Networks – Tinatin Stambolishvili, head of marketing communication department of GPI Holding insurance company
  27.  While We Pay for Advertisement, PR Can Be Done For Free – Nika Kamushadze, Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department of National Agency of State Property
  28.  PR is Moving Along Time and Develops With It’ – Lika Chokheli Head of the Public Relations Department of the Co-Investment Fund of Georgia
  29.  PR in Georgia Can be Seen As at the Stage of Development Today – Tatiana Gvenetadze, Head of Public Relations Department of Medical Company-Vivo Medical Group
  30. “Never Be Satisfied with Something That Does Not Surprise You Everyday” – Giorgi Avaliani, Head of Public Relations Department of Agriculture Projects Management Agency
  31. You Should Be Ready For Any Challenge When You Work In PR Department – Tata Khvedeliani, Head of Public Relations and Marketing Service of the MIA Police Security Department
  32. PR is a Stream of Opportunities, Innovations and Creativity –  Victoria Zhizhko, head of PR offices of Tskali Margebeli and Marneuli Food Plant
  33. Public Relations Specialists are the Most in-demand Jobs in Georgia – Tamar Dumbadze, Public relations manager at Techno Boom
  34. ’It’s a Great Pleasure to Promote Literature’’ – Nino Kusrashvili, public relations of publishing house Diogene.
  35.  ‘’Communication is Not Helpful Without Result’’- Tamar Diasamidze, Head of Human Resources Management and Public Relations Devision of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara.
  36. ‘’New challenges has appeared in Public Relations’’ – Khatia Moistsrapishvili , Head of Public Relations and Marketing Department of Revenue Service
  37.  ‘PR and Marketing is Like a Living Object, that constantly pulses – Teona Akhobadze, Marketing and Communications Manager of Global Real Estate company  “Colliers International Georgia
  38. PR is a Non-Ceasing Process and it is Getting More and More Innovative – Nutsa Gedevanishvili, Public Relations Manager of Insurance State Supervision Service
  39.  PR is to Think of Your Customers Constantly –  Tamar Nibladze   PR Manager of sweets producer company ‘’Barambo’’.
  40. “Self-development is the Main Passion of Developing Brand” – Tinatin Lomtatidze, the manager of coffee company “Cherie”