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Terminal – New Multifunctional Co-working Space in Tbilisi

”Co-working spaces have been operating in Western countries for years and are considered a very successful business. In recent years, this industry has begun to develop in Eastern European countries. Two years ago, we tried to offer a similar service to Tbilisi, which was justified by the fact that Vere Loft’s work has shown that the demand for common job spaces increases, while modern business people are coming out of closed offices, cafes and choose co-working spaces, that’s scientifically proven that working becomes more productive in general environment,”- said Gino Doligni, General Manager of Terminal to Marketer.

Photo: Lasha Ghughunishvili

Why did you choose  name: “terminal”?

Terminal has two explanations: First, it is an interface for programmers that can carry out a specific task or action, and the second is the place where any profession, social group, nationality, identity person will go for different purposes. Our space is the terminal platform for any purpose, development, action and progress.

Who is the target audience of “Terminal” and what services do you offer?

Any profession can benefit from terminal, especially freelancers and small companies. In our space, except for individual places, we have isolated “box offices”, which is a novelty for Georgia, it’s a perfect place for 2 to 14 workers.

Photo: Lasha Ghughunishvili

What is the main advantage of the company?

The main advantage of Terminal is that we meet all the requirements for productive work, international standards and loft style design that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. I think terminal interior  is interesting and even the names “box offices” are called gates, and the rooms of the meeting are distributed as web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Photo: Lasha Ghughunishvili

We have cafe terrace, self-service kitchen, recreation and entertainment spaces, library and inside bicycle parking. All members and offices of Terminal serve 24 hour reception and concierge,  high speed wireless internet and have all the conditions that will support their business.

Photo: Lasha Ghughunishvili

In addition, compared to the rent of a separate office in which the costs of repairs, furniture, utilities, cleaning, internet and many other things are meant to be taken care of, our clients do not have to worry about it at ”Terminal”.

How do you see the terminal development perspectives?

We plan to organize interesting workshops, seminars and exhibitions for our members. Also, yoga classes, cardio tennis, group training and other benefits, which will make their unity more productive. I think Terminal soon turns into an interesting and exciting place for business people.