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Temur Chkonia Wants to Take Lead from Sandora

Temur Chkonia Wants to Take Lead from Sandora

Businessman Temur Chkonia’s company  has  started operating on  the local natural  juice market.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia released Kapi juices to the Georgian market a week ago. In his interview with Commersant, the businessman says that the orange juice will be sold in the market at an early stage, however, in the future it is planned to increase the range.

The  juice is sold in  500-gram and 1-liter bottles while the price ranges within GEL 1.8 – 1.85 which is  relatively cheaper compared to other soft drinks, Chkonia says.

The businessman notes  that the juice market is very large, however, the company’s  direct competitor will be imported natural juices and  first of all, the market leader Sandora. Chkhonia believes that the new  juices will replace the imported in the near future and will become a leader in the domestic market.

In his words,  the juice production is very interesting and he invested 4.5 million euro  in the production.

Chkonia says that Kapi is a world-famous brand including in Coca-Cola.

Note: the local companies accounted for about  15-17% of the total market in  2012-2014. A major share of sales falls on  foreign brands. According to the Gamma Research study, in the last 2 years the Ukrainian juice producer Sandora is number one  in the Georgian market with a 50% share. The top three also includes Lebediansky (Fruktovi sad) with  a 10% share  and Campa with  10%. The survey  showed  that the majority of the companies operating on the local  juice market are foreign and the advantage of imported juices  is evident.

Zedazeni company also plans to launch the production of natural juices in the near future.