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Teliani Valley’ Shareholders Structure Changes

BGEO Group alienated stakes of 4 million GEL from the shareholders of Teliany Valley.

“East Capital”, representative of “Salink Limited”, registered two deals (17,54%; 14,49%) made on 32%-share by fixing.

BGEO announced capital increase by shares’ emission and production of beer under the brand of Heineken (Teliany Valley is an official distributor in Georgia).

As of H1/2015, 50,2% of “Teliany Valley” is owned by “Liberty Consumer”, which 70,2% is owned by BGEO  Investment. BGEO  Investment unites several non-core assets separated from Bank of Georgia’s assets (m2, “Georgian Healthcare Group”, “Liberty Consumer”, “Caucus  Autohouse”.

Other shareholders were: “Salink Limited” – 17,54%, Firebird  Aurora Fund – 14.21%, Firebird Republic Fund – 8.82%.