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Tbilisi Sea Plaza

Tbilisi Sea Plaza – Major Shopping Mall of South Caucasus Opens in December

Major shopping mall of the South Caucasus will open in Tbilisi. Hualing Group plans to unveil Tbilisi Sea Plaza shopping mall at the end of 2016.

Hualing Group representatives told the Commersant that Tbilisi Sea Plaza is a shopping complex that unites both single-floor buildings and central five-floor modern building with 0.5 kilometer in length. The complex will open in December. The shopping mall will have a storehouse, customs facilities and customs terminal.

Total space of the central building is 120 000 square meters. At this stage, 85% of single-floor buildings have been loaded in the shopping mall. This space comprises mixed-style stores and various goods. The process of leasing space in the central building started two months ago. About 30% of the space have been leased, however, the management expects to leased 70% of the space by December.

Hualing Group has signed contracts with several famous brands in Georgia. Negotiations are underway with various brands. Both foreign and Georgian  existing and new brands will be represented at the center, however, the company abstains from unveiling the brands at this stage.

Unlike all other shopping malls, Tbilisi Sea Plaza follows an entirely new concept that unites diverse services in once space, including entertainment center for children and adults, the so-called Food Court, repair and buildings materials and so on.

The shopping malls will be equipped by elevators, customs storehouses, modern logistics systems. Tbilisi Sea Plaza will embrace both retail and wholesale centers.

Hualing Group is Georgia’s major investor company. The company has implemented such large-scale projects as Tbilisi Sea New City. The company owns a hotel, a commercial bank in Georgia and plans to incorporate a new airline at the end of 2016.