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Tbilisi Sea Plaza

Tbilisi Sea Plaza – International Trading Center Opens its Doors

The project of “Tbilisi Sea Plaza” international trading center located in the eastern suburb of Tbilisi City, opens its doors on September 30.

Total construction area of “Tbilisi Sea Plaza” is 150,000 m2, out of which 24 000 m2 of brand exhibition hall, 18 000 m2 of universal hall, 15 000 m2 of bonded area and warehouse area were already completed in 2014. Construction of 110 000 m2 of main building was completed in 2016.

“Tbilisi Sea Plaza” will become the largest wholesale and retail trading center of Georgia and whole Caucasus region and in future will undertake an important role of wholesale, retail and distribution center of Euro-Asian region. It will gather goods from all around the world and will engage the brightest minds in the field of commerce. All of these will enable Georgia to further strengthen its position as a transit point of Euro-Asian region.

Market and commercial facilities will include: market zone, processing zone, custom bond zone, warehouse zone, commercial pedestrian streets and many other businesses, which will serve as a motive power for the main body of the commercial area and its economic development. At present, merchants from China, Turkey and Dubai (UAE) have signed agreements to enter Hualing International Trade Center and have already started operating. Their goods include: garments, bags and suitcases, food, furniture, construction materials, decorative lighting, children toys, sanitary products, vehicle spare parts. “Tbilisi Sea Plaza” will also feature catering, banks and other facilities.