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This Tbilisi Kindergarten Uses Play-Based Curriculum to Support Children’s Learning

Kid’s Planet is a special kindergarten with authorized study program where learning process is based on specific situations, alleviating ability of picking up materials, improving information perception quality and maximally simplifying cognitive processes, we talked with owner and founder Ms. Eliso Janashia.

– Ms. Eliso, how would you describe your kindergarten? Who and when has it founded? Do you have already started teaching process?

–  Our kindergarten Kids Planet is located at a 3-floor and accommodated house in Dighomi, Tbilisi. The kindergarten has a big safe yard. We founded the kindergarten in 2014 and started teaching process immediately. I and Khatuna, my mother, who is a philologist by profession and has spent the whole life in pedagogical sector, have founded this kindergarten. She has many deserves and awards in this field.

– How many persons does the kindergarten employ and what criteria do you use for staff selection?

– The kindergarten staff consists of 7 persons: director, psychologist and methodist – Khatuna, two teachers, two nurses, cook and I, a marketing manager. Staff is selected by Khatuna. First of all, we make focus on skills of communication with a child, knowledge of individual approaches, knowledge of languages (English and Russian) and pedagogical art. Our pedagogues are positive, creative and they love their profession.


– What age categories and how many children go to kindergarten?

– Age of children range from 2 to 6 years old. Junior Group involves  2-4 year old children, and the senior group consists of 4-6 year old children. There are 10 children in each group. Currently, we have two groups. In whole, our kindergarten will have three groups, i.e. 30 children.

– There is much competition between kindergartens on the market. We should also take into account social environment, when a majority of families gives preference to free of charge public kindergartens.

-What makes your kindergarten special and what are your plans about market positioning?

– Sure, there is much market competition and existing social conditions do not create positive environment for private kindergartens, but we possess several strong advantages in service field. First, our kindergarten works for 24 hours and on weekend too. Parents are able to take their children when they get free from all everyday affairs. Our kindergarten is located in an ecological district, we breathe fresh air,  children have meals on demand and when they demand. Daytime sleeping is voluntary. Children do well, entertain much and walk outside.

– Children are able to stay at the kindergarten for several weeks, if necessary. How do you manage to obtain maximum confidence among parents?

– Sure, we have this service. We had similar cases. We provide full package of services for children for 24 hours. Comfortable night sleep. We attain this by creating home atmosphere for them. Parents also feel this. They are very quiet in the period when their children stay at our kindergarten for a long period. Children like our kindergarten very much, parents see and feel that their children are very comfortable here, in family environment. Therefore, we have no problems with confidence among parents.


– You have said you have exclusive upbringing method; what special program and approaches do you provide for children and are they recognized on domestic or international level?

– Authorship method is based on the following principles: there is a goal and program – what a child should know at the end of a certain period and there are diverse and changeable ways of attaining the objective, based on character, skills and interests of children. This signifies our learning process is based on specific situations. This method alleviates ability of picking up materials, improves information perception quality and maximally simplifies cognitive process.

For example: this week our topic is My City and all disciplines circulate around this topic throughout the week. Today one child brought two toys from home and he wanted to get respective attention. And the teacher used this situation in a very creative way. The teacher used these two toys for developing the working theme and reached maximum level of transfer and perception of information in this way.