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Tbilisi City Hall Abandons the Idea of “the Second Level” Public Transport

Tbilisi City Hall doesn’t intend to carry out the “second level”  transport concept at the stage and will  use traditional methods  to unload roads  in the city. Soso Tsabadze ,”SkyWay”  representative in Georgia, told “Commersant” .

The idea of the “second level”  public transport belongs  to SkyWay.
According to Soso Tsabadze, he had  conversations with the city administration regarding the concept, which showed that at this stage  the introduction of   environmentally friendly transportation means and other traditional methods of congestion relief is the priority for the Mayor’s Office.

At the same time, Tsabadze notes, they are not going to renounce their plans and intend to hold a conference in the summer  at which  SkyWay’s conception will be discussed in detail.

In Tsabadze’s words, its implementation is far cheaper compared with  “traditional” transport systems , safer and more environmentally friendly that is  especially important for Tbilisi.

“SkyWay allows municipal transport to run on  the second high-level bridge along the route. This is about the level of crossing  bridges located in Tbilisi. This transport is comfortable and can easily adapt to the needs of elderly and disabled people. “Wagons” capacity is similar to  small buses running  in Tbilisi  while the speed in  the city is limited to 70-80 km / h, “- explains Soso Tsabadze.
Soso Tsabadze notes that  apart from Tbilisi,  the company plans to work on the concept  for  Batumi, where there is also the problem of the traffic overload in the holiday season.

In addition, “SkyWay” has developed terminals transfer system which allows to load vessels without entering the  port.

The company was registered in London about a year and a half ago, its goal is to create high-tech and cost-effective transport solutions for a relatively lower cost.