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TBC Bank cannot Sell Berta company

TBC Bank cannot Sell Berta company

A buyer for  the building owned by Berta company has not emerged.

Berta was owned by Cezar Chocheli and his brother.  In 2013 the company faced  financial problems, the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance entered into the company, Berta’s relationship with distribution companies also complicated, which is why the production was halted.

The company took  a loan from the TBC bank, which it couldn’t  repay and the property moved to  the bank’s balance. Berta building is located on the area of  14 thousand square meters while the land –96 thousand square meters.

International Real Estate Company Services of Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown, the largest private real estate services company in the world which provides TBC bank with consultations, says  that so far no one is interested in purchasing the property. The property price is confidential and  will be revealed during the negotiations with stakeholders.

Berta company was the first and the largest manufacturer of household and hygiene products in Transcaucasia.