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Taxi Companies not Plan to Increase Prices for Services

Despite the rise in the price of autogas and currency devaluation, taxi companies in the near future do not plan to increase prices for their  services.

“Commersant” was told at  “Omega Taxi” that the company  works with contractors, and tariffs are already defined.
“Our drivers use different fuels, but we have a single rate – in the central areas of the city – GEL 3-5. At this stage the revision of prices is not planned,”- say in the” Omega Taxi. “

“City Taxi” refrains from making forecasts.

“It all depends on the state of the market, but at this stage tariffs remain unchanged. In general, the devaluation of the national currency had a negative impact on the country as a whole, and our business in particular, but we still keep rates unchanged. Today, our company employs 80 people, and all the cars were converted to gas, “- say in the” City Taxi “.

“Agora Taxi” also does not see the need to revise the tariff .

“We have such tariffs, which give us the opportunity to make a profit, but at the same time do not scare away customers. The price should suit both  a taxi driver and a passenger. The cost of transportation in the central regions is  GEL 3-5. Our vehicles  run on various fuel, and today our drivers have not yet expressed any claims to the current tariff, “- a representative of “Agora Taxi” Tamar Darakhvelidze says.

Because of hiked prices and the lari’s devaluation, many taxi companies have recently begun to talk about the possibility of increasing fares by GEL 1-2, as the work at the current tariffs is unprofitable.

Up to 40 000 taxis run in Tbilisi today. Most cars use autogas. The cost of LPG has recently  increased from  GEL 1.05 to 1.20 per 1 cubic meter. This, as well as the depreciation of the currency,  can lead to an increase in tariffs for taxi services.