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Tata Morchiladze: Everyone Could Study PR but Hardly Can Use it

Interview with Tata Morchiladze, PR and Marketing Manager for inndesign.ge.

– Who is your  profession?

– I hold a MA degree in diplomacy and international relations, but I have never worked by this profession. I have worked on various interesting projects, on various positions until I found out that I liked public relations very much and I could succeed  in this direction. Therefore, I decided to continue my career in this field and passed various training courses in PR and Marketing. On January 3, 2009 I was appointed a PR manager for Akhali Nateba company. Since then I have mainly worked on the same position for various companies.

– First job place.

– The first job is the most memorable experience. This period was coincided with my studentship years. I and several my friends, who knew English, were selected for one of the projects, which was being implemented by order of Central European University (CEU). One of the invited lecturers was leading the project. Objective of the project was to explore national, linguistic and religious minorities  in the country and we had to pay visits to Ajara, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Lagodekhi. This was a very interesting job and we gained huge experience from this project. We used to summarize collected materials and prepare reports. Based on those materials, we also published a book  in English language. I was a co-author of this book.

– Current job and position.

– Currently, I have been working as PR and marketing manager for inndesign.ge. I have been also working for digital marketing department of InkyGold, a women and children clothes company founded by a Georgian designer.

inndesign.ge – is the first Georgian digital catalog that collects information on all Georgia-based companies in architecture, design, housing and repair sectors. The catalog unites database of Georgian designers and architects. We also have a blog, where interested bodies are able to see various articles with advices and recommendations in various repair and accommodation issues.

– Your first success.

– It is difficult to talk about success. The success is when you love your business and spend huge energy, working potential, time and other resources on this business. Success comes only in this case. The success is when the society sees your efforts and positively appraises them.

To a certain degree, the success is to attain the goal and my first success was when I started working for Akhali Nateba company and grew into a PR specialist there. I and the whole team passed gained  huge experience in this company. We were oriented only on  best results. This was a way from 4 stores to 15 stores, to many brands, to a great number of very kind and responsible projects. Therefore, I believe that my first success was the working with such a team and company.

– Business, project that you take pride in even today

– I love working on «kind» projects, especially in CSR direction and I take pride in all CSR projects implemented by me. However, I think my blog is one the best projects I have done ever.

Despite I ceased active writing 2 years ago, the Taa.ge- has huge influence on my life anyway. I have found a lot of people and gained much experience from this blog. There were years, when we, interested people, used to assemble around Taa.ge blog posts to share knowledge and experience to each other on fashion, beauty, travel, life. To be true, I regret very much I cannot write actively again. A long break has narrowed the circle of readers and active discussions are not held any more. However, I try to share interesting events even to separate persons, who even today visit the blog.

– Field, where you would never work.

– I think there is a field in everybody’s life, where he/she would never work. Everything depends on specific lifestyle. I personally like active  jobs, where you seek novelties every time, permanently move and keep contact with other persons. I think I would not work in financial departments, I would not withstand figures every day. I would not work there, where I would had to do the same things from morning to evening without changes.

– What factors make a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special features are required?

– I think excellent communication skills are required, first of mall. You should be careful and details-oriented. All these factors are very important for PR specialist.

Continuous development is also very important. Today everything changes at high paces and yesterday’s knowledge may be absolutely useless today. Therefore, you should permanently try to be in the center of all developments and be oriented on innovations.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to study PR very well or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

– The more knowledge and experience you have, the better it is. However, one may study PR  in Georgia too, but this knowledge will be useless without due skills.

Foreign education and experience is very important for development, but this does not signify that domestically-educated specialists  bring less benefits. There are trainings courses led by foreign specialists in Georgia, online courses. We also have  trainers with foreign education, who can train students very well.

– Is PR understood and perceived in Georgia in its classic form?

– In our epoch processes are being developed at cosmic paces. Approaches, teaching methods, PR methods change. Everything changes in PR field too. There were times, when the importance of PR was ignored, then a certain boom started in PR field. Today, all successful companies have PR departments and this office does not imply only media relations, like previous years. It has become a more complex and interesting direction.

– How easily can you settle crisis situations and take decisions? Do you think crisis situations worsen quality of working process?

– Crisis management and taking due decisions is one of the most important components of this profession. This is an absolutely ordinary moment in the life of companies. I am sure a correct and well-organized plan is the most important factor in this situation.  Like all my colleagues, I had crisis situations in working process and we have taken right decisions that have brought positive results for the company.

– Interesting episode that has changed your life.

– I cannot name any episode or anybody that have changed my life. In various periods various people (for example,  my children) and various job experiences make certain influence on a person. However, I cannot remember any special episode that have radically changed my life.  It was very interesting for me to read lectures at Natali Academy, where I used to work as an executive director. In parallel  regime, I used to read lectures in Communications for students of  a stylist training course. I love this experience very much. This is a very interesting profession and  teaching and sharing knowledge to future generations is the most interesting direction.

– If not this profession, which field would you work in?

– I would be happy to work on a diplomatic position. I liked this profession from my childhood and therefore I graduated MA courses in diplomacy. In parallel regime, I have also studied two foreign languages. But after university graduation I did not continue career in this field and decided to follow other direction.

– What are your strong personal features and characteristics?

– Punctuality, motivation, aspiration for studying new things and striving for self-development are my close friendly features.

– How does your employer company benefit you? What factors make it interesting for you?

– Inndesign.ge was founded by me and my colleagues jointly. Initially, a new idea arose, when I was pregnant. Since I had high-risk pregnancy for a certain period, I had to stay at home and I was actively working on transforming this idea into a project. As a result, this idea became a real business in 6-7 months and on March 2 we marked two anniversary since our foundation in online space. We have very interesting partners. We make quite interesting and useful suggestions thanks to these partners.

We help people save much time, who want to start repair works, search architects and designers or accommodate their apartments.

This is a very interesting field for me and consequently, we do our business with much interest.

– What makes major discomfort in the working process?

– Uncertainty is major discomfort in our business; companies that delay response, when you have to communicate with several persons in the same company on the same theme. This is the heaviest process and frustrates business.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– All new stages in my life bring more and more experience, more comfort, more challenges. I think after 20 years I will be a director of my own company. I had many interesting ideas in this direction and I think the time has come to more actively work in this direction.