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Tariffs and Subscription Fees – Changes for Silknet and Magti Subscribers

Silknet and Magti companies plan to increase service tariffs for their subscribers. Magti’s revised tariffs will be effective on February 18, while Silknet will launch new tariffs on March 1, 2019. Geocell clients will have to pay monthly fee for a mobile number service. The 20-Tetri fee will be deducted on the first day of each month. As to Magti, the company will charge 1 GEL in every 180 days.


The price of Meti S 5-GEL package of Geocell will rise to 7 GEL. At the same time, the 100MB internet limit will rise to 300 MB and 100 SMS will increase to 300 SMS. The package of Meti M will cost 15 GEL instead of current 10 GEL (with 1 GB internet and unlimited SMS). Changes were added to the package of More Unlimited – the tariff grows to 30 GEL from 25 GEL and the internet increased by 500 MB.
For Magti subscribers the price of Martivi package will cost 30 GEL instead of 25 GEL (the internet volume will rise to 1.5 GB).

Internet Packages

Service condition of Magticom internet packages is also revised. Previously, subscribers could buy 500MB internet for 3 GEL, while currently the minimum package is 1 GB for 5 GEL. The mobile internet standard tariffs decreased and the price of 1 MB will be 10 Tetri instead of 70 Tetri.

Geocell lowers the averaged price for 1 MB of mobile internet. After expiration of the internet limit in similar packages the price per MB decreases to 10 Tetri from 15 Tetri.

Magti’s Optical Internet
The minimum package price of Magti optical internet also grows to 30 GEL from 27 GEL and the internet speed will double.

Silknet Optical Internet
The minimum 26-GEL package of Silknet optical internet will be abolished and subscribers will have to pay at least 30 GEL for the internet (package Start+).