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Tangerines Export to Increase in Ukraine and Armenia

The citrus season is in the active phase. The tangerines are one of the most important export products for Georgian agriculture. Orange vintage starts at the end of November and continues until December. The Minister of Agriculture, Lasha Komakhidze, talks about the statistics and results of Acharian orange vintage.

Mr. Lasha, what is the situation concerning orange vintage currently?

Statistics show that 21 000 tons of tangerines have been exported and 9200 tones are already cultivated.

What are the statistics compared to last year, what is a comparative analysis?

Last year, there were 9000-9500 tons of tangerines cultivated and this year, we already exceeded 9200 tones. It is difficult to make a prediction but i think it might be 11000 12000 tones, however, as i already mentioned it’s difficult to predict an exact data. 

Do you export cultivated tangerines well?

-Concentration export works very well. There are two factories in this field. “GM Group” is one of the largest factories which collaborate with big international companies. He has an agreement with Japan currently. It used to have partners in the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Which are the major countries importing tangerines from Georgia?

In this year, the 55% export of tangerines goes to Russia, 30% to Ukraine and we have good news that we added new markets: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Poland.

It has to be noted that the export to Ukraine has been increased with 65%. It is also important that the export to Armenia was tripled compared to last year. Therefore, there are positive trends considering export. 

The export of tangerines will be implemented in February and March with smaller quantities, however the most important amount of exports will be made in the middle of January and the end of the January will probably be the end of the season.