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Tamar Menteshashvili, 24-year-old Georgian Researcher, to Establish Blockchain Technology Research Center in China

Tamar Menteshashvili is a researcher at Jiao Tong university in Shanghai. She has been working on financial innovations and plans to continue doctoral studies at the same university.

Having graduated from Free University law school in Georgia, she continued MA degree studies at the faculty of bank law and finances of Edinburgh University.

“Despite I had experience of working in various sectors in Georgia, in Edinburgh I had to pick up foundations of such fields that are not taught in Georgia at a BA level. Edinburgh is the world’s leading university and it provides all opportunities to have access to all necessary resources. For one year I had the opportunity to receive knowledge and acquire valuable contacts in various parts of the world”, Tamar Menteshashvili said.

Along with studies at Edinburgh university, the Georgian researcher has worked on the position of a supervisor of international students for 9 months.

“Edinburgh University offers this vacancy to students on annual basis. Interested students are able to participate in the competition. Having passed several phases, I was employed on the mentioned position and I used to assist students in resolving any problems with studies or integration in social environment”, Tamar Menteshashvili said.

Having obtained MA degree at Edinburgh University, Tamar Menteshashvili was invited to Jiao Tang University, by recommendation of Edinburgh University, for continuation of her research work on financial innovations.

“Initially, I planned to stay in China for one semester, however, this period was extended to two semesters and now I have the opportunity to continue my doctoral thesis at this university, as well as to establish and manage a blockchain technology research center and work on issues related to this technology”, Tamar Menteshashvili noted.

Along with research program, Tamar Menteshashvili has established Blockchain Hub community, which connects students, young researchers and the industry companies with each other.

“Several students conference was held as part of this society. We also plan to hold hackathons and other competitions to increase students awareness in this segment”, the researcher noted and unveiled her future plans too.

“Up to the end of 2017 I will participate in developing legislative basis for integration of blockchain technology into National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) of Georgia. I will operate with the status of a GIZ-invited analyst. At the same time I will continue activity in academic field and I will work on the projects that will create a new reality in the 21st century”, the 24-year-old researcher said.