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Tamada’s Wines – Choice of Gerard Basset, the World’s Best Sommelier

Gerard Basset, the French world’s best sommelier was invited to Georgia by Georgian Wines and Spirits Company (GWS) and Tamada Wine.

He tasted Georgian wine, namely Georgian wines produced under the brand name Tamada, for the first time in May and decided to take part in its popularization. He studied well Georgian wine culture and traditions and later developed a special concept how to select Tamada wines matching with Georgian and European cuisine.

Gerard Basset and Tamada Wine will hold wine tour in four countries, which will contribute to popularization of Georgian wine and growth of wine consumption culture abroad. The Sommelier, in concert with a local Chef in all four countries, will select those dishes and desserts, which match exclusively with Tamada Wines.

The French Sommelier together with Marika Sajaia and George Silva, Chefs of Funicular Restaurant, created unique match of dishes exclusively for Tamada. Introduction of matching culture is very important in order to better perceive the wine flavor and taste.

The purpose of being in Tbilisi is to popularize Georgian wine at maximum extent. It will successfully compete with wines recognized in Europe. I selected four types from Tamada Wines Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli and Pirosmani. two of them are dry and two semi-sweet. The menu selected especially for these wines will assist the wine connoisseurs in feeling the best qualities of the presented wine”, – Gerard Basset said.

And still … how to select Tamada Wines so that they match with Georgian and European cuisine?

Pumpkin cream-soup with pumpkin seeds – Semi-Sweet Wine Pirosmani

Beat Carpaccio with Guda Cheese and Walnuts – Dry White Wine Mukuzani

Roasted Prawns with garlic butter –   Dry White Wine Tsinandali

Roasted Quince and Parma Ham Salad with Parmesan – Semi-sweet Wine Kindzmarauli

Roasted Marinated Chicken with Tkemali Sauce – Semi-sweet Wine Pirosmani

Salmon Fillet Roasted in Josper with Red Caviar and Sparkling Wine Sauce – dry white wine Tsinandali

Lamb Ribs with Savory – Dry White Wine Mukuzani

Chocolate Lava Cake with Caramel Ice-cream and Hazelnut – Semi-sweet Wine Kindzmarauli