Sopo Maisuradze, a TAC Marketing and PR Manager

-TAC has unveiled an official store in Tbilisi. Which brands will be represented at the store? Will your showroom offer various brands to the Georgian customer?

– TAC provides immediate reaction to modern challenges in the fashion industry in terms of quality and modern design of collections. The company names these collections twice a year. Besides the quality and reasonable prices, TAC is also famous for its wide assortments of textile. Only TAC official showroom will trade in the newest collections, as well as in certain models that are created specially in Georgia the for Georgia based showroom and Georgian citizens. The showroom at Vazha-Pshavela 15 also offers premium brands of various textiles that are united in the TAC concern: Valeron, Pierre Cardin, Linens, Kristal, CASABEL, Brielle.

– What products do you precisely offer to Georgian customers?

– We offer high-quality winter and summer bedroom blankets, towels, various bathroom textiles, kitchen and bedroom textile, New Year gifts collection, children linen with children favorite illustrations, family accessories and so on.

– No compromise at the expense of quality – this is your slogan. Do you think Georgian customers will find affordable your prices along with the quality?

– No Compromise at the expense of Quality is the TAC management’s motto and the whole team follows this motto to create competitive products for the global market. Consequently, TAC showroom will introduce all high-quality products with modern design despite prices. Tariffs on family linen ranges from 58 GEL to 1500 GEL. Kitchen textile prices starts from 6 GEL and this proves TAC is a brand of all of us and the brand cares for all categories of customers despite incomes, taste and age.

-Besides Georgia, in which other countries have you opened presentations, including our region?

– TAC showrooms operate in Georgia, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tunis, Libya, Bulgaria and so on.

-What is the current situation on the Georgian market in this respect?

– The Georgian market lacks for branded textile showrooms. I would boldly note at this stage there is no branded textile shop in Georgia that would compete with TAC.