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Photo/Nutsa Galumashvili

Tabla Changes Concept – Novelties for Restaurant Customers

Tabla restaurant has changed its concept to offer different and diverse menus and services to customers. Tabla is one of the special Georgian restaurants in the center of Tbilisi, which is an ideal guide for Georgian culture and traditional hospitality.

A special supper was held at Tabla restaurant in relation to the mentioned changed. Invited guests tasted new menu and appraised renewed concept of the restaurant – three new spaces with three independent menus: Tabla Dukani, Tabla Saloon and Tabla Hall.


Tabla Dukani is located on the first floor and its menu comprises diverse dishes with soups, pastry, sausage goods and beer. On the second floor the restaurant offers Georgian dishes with entirely new vision and cozy environment. Tabla Hall is the best place for ceremonies and events. There are three private spaces in classic part with traditional Georgian menus, where guests are able to plan small events, business dinners and family festivities.

Photo/Nutsa Galumashvili
Photo/Nutsa Galumashvili

Tabla guests will receive advises from Sommeliers for harmonizing chosen dishes and taste characteristics of wines. Besides menu changes, Tabla has also introduced many other novelties. Regarding this issue, the Caucasus Business Week has taken interview from Maka Gvritishvili, ICR marketing department manager.

When and why did you decide to change the concept and what is the objective of these changes?

For the third year TABLA maintains the status of one of the best Georgian restaurants for both Georgian and foreign clients. We permanently examine opinion of our guests and offer our innovations to them. And this change is based on similar research. The new concept makes Tabla menu more diverse and our guests acquire richer experience at our restaurant. Consequently, we  hope to attract more guests with various taste preferences and wishes.


Many various dishes have been included in the menu. Who are their authors and what is their history?

Our menu was developed by our caterer Mrs. Lika Kartozia. The menu has been created of ingredients from various regions of Georgia and local dishes. Appellation of each dish expresses this factor very well.


TABLA has been operating on Georgian market for 3 years. What niche has you occupied and how has Georgian customers accepted your restaurant?

TABLA is famous as a top class Georgian restaurant. High standards in terms of food, services make our restaurant the best place for families and friends, business meetings, foreign guests and various events and ceremonies.

For the third year TABLA maintains the status of one of the best Georgian restaurants. Combination of Georgian cuisine and modern gastronomical standards in menu and services ensures popularity of TABLA among both Georgia and foreign clients.