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Symantec/Veritas to Enter Silicon Valley Tbilisi Space

One of the most famous companies in the information technology, Smantec/Veritas will be represented at the high tech laboratory of the Silicon Valley Tbilisi Business and Technology University, which will be opened in the nearest future.

The recent news and programs in the information technology world will be introduced in the high technology international laboratory and achievements of different technology companies will be united in one space. Symantec/Veritas is the second company which expressed a wish to collaborate with Silicon Valley Tbilisi.  Before this, the memorandum has already been signed with another leading technology company, Check Point. 

Creation of international laboratory of high technology in Silicon Valley Tbilisi is implemented in the frame of collaboration with Softline Georgia.  Business and Technology University students will have an opportunity to get updated about news in the international technology companies, their products and they will also be able to test successful products in the world.