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Summer Brings New Products from Ice Cream Companies

The ice cream business is gaining momentum for the coming summer. What products do ice-cream companies offer to clients for the summer season, what are their expectations in terms of sales, how competitive is the market and what are the challenges for these companies?

Apparently, ice cream producers are beginning the new season with new assortments. Besides new products, the founders of companies and their representatives pay special attention to quality control.

In 2018, ice cream companies recorded growing sales compared to 2017. Sales growth in this business was 15%-20%.

Barambo Company

The Barambo Company has prepared many new products for the summer season, and will offer a wide assortment of frozen treats. The company has recorded a 20% upturn compared to the same period of 2017.

“We will offer banana Eskimo ice cream with strawberry filling. We will also produce raspberry ice cream with mango content.”

“As for Barambo’s brand for children, this year the company is making chocolate Eskimo with vanilla content and strawberry Eskimo with strawberry content. For families, we have produced fresh fruit ice creams, with peach, strawberry and pineapple flavors,” Barambo representatives said.

Ice cream production should be under constant control. As for competition with low-quality and low-cost products, Barambo representatives said that they offer high-quality products for low prices, and therefore are competitive on the market.

“We constantly pass quality control, and this is a normal procedure to prevent sales of subpar ice cream in the country,” the representatives noted.

Luca Polare

Luca Polare director Tato Makharadze says that the brand has produced premium-class ice cream for the upcoming summer season. According to the latest information, in March 2018 Luca Polare’s sales rose by 10-15% over the sales in March 2017.

“We have already started our summer season. Naturally, we have new flavors. For example, a novelty is that we have introduced a premium line, which contains such products such as Australian nut,” Makharadze said.

The director of Luca Polare talked about competition with low-cost brands, and noted that similar competition is a form of competition. Makharadze said that it is better to eat a better-quality product than low-quality product and pay a comparatively higher price.

Vitali Gelashvili, one of the founders of the Pingo ice cream manufacturing company, said that the company’s objective is to compete with high-quality brands. The company’s sales in 2018 have risen by about 40% over the previous year. “We have added a new variety of ice cream packed in paper, and it will contain more fat compared to other products on the market. As for competition with top-quality brands, I am sure we have to fulfill more jobs in this respect to boost our competitive potential in relation to them,” Gelashvili said.

Clearly, Georgian ice cream companies are greeting the 2018 season with a variety of new products. It will be interesting to see how successful this summer will be for them.