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Nino Jibladze Gulf

Successful Writer Turned PR Manager

Nino Jibladze who now works as a head of GULF Oil Company’s marketing department, was a great novel writer in her young ages, she was a nominee of Georgia’s most important awards, Saba Literary Prize.

In her interview with Caucasus Business Week Nino talked about her amazing professional career in several fields starting from novel writer to working at US military cooperation and continuing to public relation’s manager.

-What is your profession?

– I am a journalist by profession. In 1992 I became a student at Tbilisi State University faculty for international journalism, but later I continued studies abroad – in the field of Public Relations.

– Your first job place.

– I started working at two job places simultaneously – I used to write for the Droni newspaper and, at the same time, I was also working at television station for ChorNews program.

– Your first success.

– The first success came when I passed an interview at US military cooperation service in 2000, as well as in the further working period for 8 years. I recall this service as a considerable step – the period of learning hardworking and sharing responsibility.

– Business, project that you are proud of even today.

– I am proud in the depth of my heart that once upon a time I used to write novels and my first novel was sold out fully in three months after publication.  In that period I used to meet with young people – we were reading books together, shared our emotions and etc.. To put simply, this book has brought much pleasure to me in terms of profession. Shortly after publication, the novel was nominated for Saba award among the best novels, beside texts of Guram Dochanashvili and Aka Morchiladze. This was huge success and I will never forget this.

– What factors make a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special characteristics are required?

– I would name emotions, aspiration for goals, unstoppable desire to step forward  – these qualities can bring many successful results. We know cases, when most successful people have not graduated from universities, but they can turn the world upside down thanks to innovative approaches and divine talent that aspires for creating innovations.

– Is it possible in Georgia today to study PR or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

– We have many specialists, very talented people, who do not miss the day and read lectures – they can give many useful information.

– Is PR perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

-I would not say there is a classical model of PR in contemporary world, because everything I was personally taught disappears stage by stage and new approaches are coming to frontline. Previously, it used to take to spread information by printing news at newspapers, and now any horrifying information may be spread in seconds.

– How easily can you settle crisis situations and take decisions? Do similar cases worsen quality of working process?

– I think my working experience was full of crisis situations. Some cases seemed incurable, but I was starting care and action for improving the situation from those seconds. I would not talk much about myself. I think crisis management creates interesting experience that enhances professional people.

– If not this profession, which field would you work in?

-I would be a diplomat. I adore this profession from my childhood. Invited diplomats used to visit our apartment, mainly from the USA, in 1990s. Sometimes, high-ranking officials have climbed to 16th floor to our apartment. There were no restaurants and cafes in that period, therefore the most relevant issues were considered at homes. I recall these evenings with much pleasures and maybe that’s why I adore this profession.

– What about your strong personal aspects, as an active person?

– I think I am good in time management and I try to share affairs to others maximally. I like reading and watching news programs. I like successful people and I always learn something from them. I respect people, who have attained much success by their own intellect  and smartness and have brought benefits to the country.

I was never content with myself. I always think that something does not suffice and this something does not mean a little. I was never content with myself and I think this is not a defect.

– What  benefits do you receive form your employer company? What makes it interesting for you?

– The company where I work gives me a plenty of good things – first of all, chance for development, Our new and extraordinary undertakings are never refused, almost never. It is a source of internal peace in me, because this is a stable company that enables me to learn from professionals, who work here. It makes me full of much energy, because people working here show much respect and love to each other. This is very important.

-What makes major discomfort in the working process?

– Unstable environment at work creates discomfort for every employee.

-Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

-After 20 years I see myself as a person who created her own business and works hard for it.