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Sopo Khachapuridze

Successful Woman Should Balance Career With a Family

CBW interviewed Sopo Khachapuridze, PR Manager for Albatross, window and door installation service company, where she talked about her first and current job, her success path and opposed the fact that a woman may either succeed in career or care for family.

-What are you by profession?

-I am a musician by profession – a piano player, concertmaster, and a teacher. I have graduated from a Conservatoire.

-Your first job place.

-My career started at Image Center fashion house. I used to work as an assistant of a manager. The Company organized Georgia’s first beauty pageant, Miss Georgia, when I was working there.

-Current job and position.

-I am a PR manager for Albatross company, a manufacturer of windows and doors; Also Director for Rafting.ge company (extreme and adventure tourism), PR manager for Rafting Federation, PR manager for Canoe Federation.

I have a spouse and three children.

-Your first success.

-I would not specify any of them.  I have taken part in many successful projects, However I believe, first success is yet to come.

-Project that you are proud of even today.

-While working at Arena sports complex, I have organized a competition in sports photography. More than 90 competitors, including Georgian prominent and successful photographers – Badri Ketiladze, Lasha Kuprashvili, Tamar Kulumbegashvili, Giorgi Toronjadze and others have joined the project.

-Field, where you would never work.

-I think I would be good in all fields in PR departments. I just should be sure that a company has kind purposes and does not harm the society.

-What factors make a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special features are required?

-Special skills of communication, goodwill, skills for establishing, maintaining and strengthening contacts. In general, PR specialists should be a person of various interests. I supervise them and actually, a major part of my colleagues are such people – very talented people.


-Is it possible to study PR in Georgia very well, or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

-This field was not taught in Georgia, when I was a student. In the course of time this direction was incorporated into higher schools as a separate direction. Today, Georgia provides all opportunities for studying PR. However, international education ensures more openness and ability of broadening worldview.

-Is PR perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

-There are many deficiencies in this respect. At this stage, in many companies, including in big companies, decision-making positions are occupied by people, who are not familiar to PR or have incorrectly understood it.  This category thinks that PR is a field that should not need to spend resources and many issues should be resolved in automatic regime, without much efforts.

This field is being still developed and it will be regulated in 5-10 years definitely.

-How easily do you settle emergency situations and take decisions? Do similar cases effect quality of working process?

-Even in textbooks separate chapters are dedicated to PR technologies in emergency situations. I have experience in crisis situation management. At the beginning of my career emotions prevailed over me. I was stressed much and I had to take huge efforts to improve the situation.

-Interesting episode from your life (business) that has changed your life.

-My life and worldview was revised by the time spent in the USA. I was 16 in that period and I had to live in another hemisphere of the earth, in a foreign country. I learned to do many things independently and I guessed that nothing is impossible. However, in that period I made sure and I think so even today that I cannot live in other country. Travel is an other aspect, but I choose Georgia for permanent residence.

-If not this profession, which other field would you work in?

-I was eager to become a journalist and I think I could be a journalist.

-What are strong features of you, as a businesswoman?

-My colleagues assure me that I manage to do many affairs in time, including family and business affairs. Moreover, I also manage to attend various events, while I am bad in time management by nature. I manage these two seemingly incompatible lines. I do not agree with consideration that a woman may either succeed in career or care for family.

-What does your job place give you? What makes it interesting for you?

-New people – this is huge wealth, the most valuable and interesting acquisition. I have been working for Albatros for several months and I can openly say that I have acquired many friends.

-What factors create major discomfort in the working process?

-If the superior cannot understand the nature and essence of business, then everything becomes invaluable and kills all stimulus.

-Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

-I plan to study DJ’s profession. Imagine a very large space and I at the DJ platform at my 60. This will be an additional hobby.

As to business, I will invite you to the big office of my travel company Rafting.GE for a cup of coffee and we will talk about my plans for the next 20 years.