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Startuperi Offers New Financial Product for Amateur Businessmen

Startuperi offers new innovative financial product to the representatives of new businesses in Georgia – up to 15 000 GEL Startup loan without participation and it simplifies for them to reach the capital.

Using 15,000 GEL, startup business representatives will be able to develop existing business as well as making an idea into reality.

Borrowing is possible for the development of any field and target business activity, including innovative and technological projects, services, production and e-commerce (except standard trade).

The product is very easy to use. In case of interest, startupers will have to complete the application on the website of the program https://startuperi.ge/ka/teq-startap-sesxi, after which the bank representatives will get in touch.

When submitting the application, the business plan and other data are not required to be submitted. As for the percentage of the loan, it is individual and depends on the risks of business or idea, user experience and various factors.

 TBC Bank launched program Startuper 2 years ago. The goal was to support the start-up companies and develop the startupsystem. Today the program combines 17,000 startups of different directions. With the 75 million GEL Startuper has already provided 400 companies with financial support.

Detailed information on the program can be obtained on the Starter’s website www.Startuperi.ge, where there are also presentations of participants.