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Spanish Jamón Ham to Be Produced in Georgia

The Partnership Fund and Native Georgian company have concluded a memorandum on mutual understanding. Under the memorandum, production of Jamon, the world’s famous brand, will start in Georgia.

Jamon is a pork made of special breed of Spanish black pig. This product is made only in Spain and Portugal and is recognized worldwide.

Under the memorandum, Native Georgian will create a pig farm jointly with local farmers in Kakheti and Racha. Output of the farms will be 9 000 pigs a year. The company plans to grow 1 200 best-breeded pigs for 6 years. The company plans to commercialize Georgia-produced pork on international markets.

“This is the world’s major meat products manufacturer. In 1920s the company launched production yummy pork from Spanish black pig that was at the verge of extinction. In this way the company created one of the most in-demand and popular product. Spanish businessmen have arrived in Georgia several times. They have visited all regions of the country and examined local breeds of  pigs at laboratory level. It is worth noting that Georgian domestic breeds of pigs identical  to Spanish genotype were found in the country. The project implementation makes us happier, because it works in regions and develops them. The project will create additional job places, revive economic life and increase revenues of our population. Successful implementation of the mentioned project will develop the Georgia cattle-breeding field and take meat products manufacturing onto European level. All these efforts will lead us to economic recovery”, the Partnership Fund executive director David Saganelidze said.

Spanish businessmen has recently founded Native Georgian company in Georgia. They own Deraza Iberico company in Spain. Deraza Iberico is recognized as the world’s major meat products manufacturer.

“Spanish businessmen led by Deraza Iberico founder Rejino Diaz Del Riosa, visited Georgia  jointly with specific investments proposals in May 2016. They are interested in finding Georgian pig breeds and making investments in pork production. By involving David Saganelidze, the company representatives visited regions of Georgia, met local farmers and conducted scientific research works on Georgian pig breeds.

Visit of Deraza  Iberico delegation to Georgia was planned at the business meeting in Spain during the visit of the Partnership Fund members to Spain. The Partnership Fund executive director David Saganelidze and the Investment Department director Giorgi Cherkezishvili met with the Deraza Iberico founder and received information on the production process. At the meeting Deraza Iberico representatives expressed intention to visit Georgia and make investment in our country”, the Partnership Fund representatives noted.