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Spanish Deraza Iberico Plans to Grows Kakhetian Pigs and Build Farms

Spanish company Deraza Iberico plans to grow Kakhetian pigs and build farms. The company plans to develop the project stage by stage jointly with Partnership Fund. As a result, the company will manufacture Hamon product and various meat products from Kakhetian pigs and sell them on  both domestic and exports markets.

Georgian Partnership Fund delegation has discussed the project details with the Spanish company management as part of the visit to Spain.

The Partnership Fund representatives visited Iberico pigs and pork processing plants, where Deraza Iberico produces Spanish Hamon and about 600 various meat products.

Annual turnover of the Spanish company is 85 million EUR. The company is a pioneer in production and sales of Iberian pork. Dereza Iberico S. L. is specialized exclusively in Iberian pigs and produces more than 600 products. Deraza Ibericio S. L. tightly cooperates with various countries in Asia and Europe.

The visit of delegation of Deraza Iberico was planned in 2016 as part of the visit of Partnership Fund’s delegation to Spain. Deraza Iberico managers brought specific investment proposals to Georgia. They expressed intention to seek domestic pig breeds and make investment in meat production. The Spanish investors have scientifically explored Georgian pigs.

After the visit to Georgia, the Spanish businessmen founded Native Georgian company. Partnership Fund and Native Georgian signed a mutual understanding memorandum on August 30, 2016. Under the memorandum, Native Georgia plans to build farms in Kakheti and Racha regions with annual output of 9 000 pigs.