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Spanish Company to Build Pig Farm in Racha

Spanish company NATIVE Georgian will build a pig farm in Racha. According to Vasil Babluani, on the first stage, the company is going to breed Georgian pig and then it wants to involve farmers as well as the state. Partnership Fund and Agricultural Research center are involved in the project, businesscotract reported.

The project is 8 years old and investment cost amounts to 10-15 million GEL. In the beginning, pig farms will be built in Racha but in the next years, it will be built in 9 regions of Georgia.

“This project will involve Georgian farmers and we will help them to breed the pig farms. Afterwards, we will also guarantee to buy pigs from them”-declared the representative of NATIVE Georgian”.

In the frame of the project, purchasing company, NATIVE Georgian will process the meat and produce jamon for the first time in Georgia. 

The representative of Spanish company said that Georgian pig is very similar to Spanish pig, from which they produce jamon, that’s why Spanish company decided to enter Georgia.