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Social Enterprise Zeskho to Launch Svanetian Salt Exports

Social enterprise Zeskho has been manufacturing Svanetian salt for 4 years. The company has won the European Foundation project and the company launched production in Tbilisi. At this stage, the enterprise is located in Mtskheta and employs three persons with disabilities.

The company founder Giorgi Alavidze told the Business Contact that by financial support of a Finnish nongovernmental organization, the company plans to expand output and employ 6 persons with disabilities in addition.

At this stage the company distributes the product in 4 supermarkets. After HACCP method introduction, the company will launch exports to Europe.

“It is difficult to employ persons with disabilities. Therefore, we have decided to develop the product with comparatively simple production process. As part of the Finnish NGO financial support, we want to increase the assortment and launch production of spice sauce.

It is impossible to arrange valuable business by single product. After the enterprise corresponds to the European standards, we will export our product to Europe. We have to take certain steps in terms of food safety issues and this process is related to financial resources”, Giorgi Alavidze noted.