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SOCAR – the largest company in Georgia

SOCAR Petroleum Georgia, Ltd is considered as “The largest company of Georgia of 2014”. Research conducted by Iliauni (Ilia State University).

Rating was conducted on the basis of the information of “GeoStat”. SOCAR Petroleum Georgia, Ltd exports oil and possesses the network of petrol stations throughout whole Georgia. At this time  rating did not cover banks and insurance companies.

Based on research producers and importers of oil and gas have dominated the rating with  – 14%. Followed by energy sector  (9%), food industry (9%), trade (9%), transport (8%), Auto-Import (7%), pharmaceuticals – 6%, communication, construction, retail (5%), tobacco industry (4%), sales of home appliances (4%), gambling (3%), the agriculture sector (2%), technology (1%).

List icludes, top ten companies such as “SOCAR Georgia Petroleum”, “Toyota – Caucasus”, “Wissol Group”, “Georgian Railway”, “Georgian Manganese”, “San Petroleum”, Oil and Gas Corporation, “SOCAR gas imports -Export “.

 In comparison with 2013 year the first and second positions remain unchanged.

It should be noted that among the top 10 companies 7 are from fuel sector.