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Georgian Water Company Launches Glowing Bottles

Sno mineral water company launched innovative etiquettes, which will glow at night.

“For us it’s significantly important to meet the high standard production requirements. Therefore, we always update, improve and innovate technological processes. “SNO KIDS” is the first water, which received the license of producing water for kids, in Georgia. “SNO KIDS” production process contains 5 additional control processes; this fact makes “SNO KIDS” as a guaranty of our kids’ healthy lifestyle” – announced Giorgi Jirkvalidze, General Director of the company.

“SNO KIDS” with the new concept of etiquettes will be available on the market, from April 2018. Etiquettes will glow at night.

“Of course, the customers of our brand “SNO KIDS” are our small friends. To receive the daily norm of water is significantly important for them. We try to help parents to make the process of drinking water more attractive for their kids. New concept of lightening etiquettes will increase the interest of them and kids will request the water by themselves”- mentioned Giorgi Jirkvalidze.

“SNO KIDS” is produced according to the European commission regulations. Production process contains additional control mechanisms. Packiging and bottle cup is disinfected under the highest quality filters through air and ultraviolet light. The standards of all materials which are used in production meet high standards and the requirements.

The production process also consists BPA/S control. According to the European commission BPA effects negatively on the immune system and development of the kids. Moreover, BPA is bad for reproductive and nerve systems. “SNO KIDS” is absolutely free from BPA.

Aqua Geo was founded in 2009. A process of design and construction of Aqua Geo has lasted 16 months and company launched its first brand “SNO” in 2012. “Aqua Geo” pioneered to receive the license of producing baby water under the brand name “SNO KIDS” in Georgia. “SNO KIDS” will have special etiquettes from April 2018, they will glow in the dark. Company is also building the strong collaborations to Export the brand in several countries.