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Smarter Surfaces – A New Irish Product on Georgian Market

A new Irish product Smarter Surfaces has been launched in Georgian market. It makes any surface perfect for writing. Archtrade Sales manager, Ketavan Gujabidze talks about the specifics of using a new product and its importance on Georgian market.

Where do you use the product and who are the potential clients for Smarter surfaces?

Smarter Surfaces were made to be used at offices and common working areas, education centers, cafes, hotels. Smarter Surfaces makes product which is used by companies, such as: SAP, McAfee, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Social Bakers, DHL, Pixel Federation, City University London, Georgetown University, Ernst &Young, Nestle, Holiday Inn, WWF, Aldo, Nike and many other Georgian companies.

What is your advantage compared to traditional surfaces?

The main idea of Smarter Surfaces is getting any size and color of writing surface. At the traditional market, the size of writing surface is limited. However, by using smarter surfaces, we can turn the whole room into writing surface. Besides, the advantages compared to traditional desk is the fact that Smarter Surfaces products are ecologically clean and provides 10 years guarantee.

What is your price policy and what ways do you use to sell your products?

In spite of the fact that we appeared on the market only few months ago, popularity of the product rose soon afterwards and it established itself on the market. The prices are affordable for small and larger companies as well as physical people.

Where can customers purchase Smarter Surfaces product?

Smarter Surfaces is Irish and Archtrade is an exclusive representative of Smarter Surfaces. You can buy product at Archtrade along with accessories. The price of the product includes service fees as well. We can provide delivery service at any place all over Georgia.