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Skigi: Georgia Made Dried Fruit

Skigi means dried grapes in ancient Georgian language. The enterprise is located in village Khidistavi, Chokhatauri Municipality, Guria Region.

It was funded within the program “Produce in Georgia”, from the project supporting micro and small enterprises.

Skigi products are indeed unique. They are made of the fruits grown in the farmer’s orchards without any chemicals. The fruits are dried in the special apparatus, protected from the dust and insects.


The enterprise’s purpose is to promote use of the local natural raw materials and sale of Georgian healthy products at market.

Dried fruits and succades: apples, persimmons, kiwis, lemons, tangerines; Tklapi: plums, feijoas, Kiwis, sour plums, with coconut flakes and chopped walnuts; Janjukha: made of hazelnuts and dried apples, tsolikauri, adesa juice and corn flour;