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Sillhouette Art

Sillhouettes: New Trend in Georgia’s Art Industry

We are proud to introduce you one of the most talented and original team of artists and designers from Georgia. I am inspired by their creations and love hearing how they are making their handmade business work. This team operates under the brand name “Sillhouette Art”, having very unique items and wide range of designs. Below is the interview with Archil Sikharulidze, the director of “Sillhouette Art”.

Please tell us briefly about your activities?How long have you been making handcrafted items?

It has been already three years we operate on the market. We represent “Silhouette Art “and our handmade goods are sold via online. By this time the main selling point we have is Georgian market. We do our best to make each item unique and extraordinary.

Could you please tell me what inspired you to get started?

It all started when two of my friends from academy and I got involved in making handmade chandeliers.Just for fun we had worked simultaneously on wood. One of our friends,Lasha who is the marketer right now, suggested to us to produce handmade items, due to the high demand.

We have started preparation and made our first collection. Lasha worked on the market entry and branding strategies as well. Shortly afterwards, “silhouette Art” was created as a brand that entered to Georgian market.

How was your brand name selected?

Name selection process was really very interesting. Our artworks are totally emotion, from the beginning to the end, as they do not have specific look. You certainly distinguish which is the girl and which is the boy without any problem, thus inside them you find out an emotion that you like the most.

We were asking everybody whoever had seen our exhibition what they liked or vice versa; we were writing down each evaluation, each word the visitors were saying concerning our works. Finally, in the process of evaluation and being in such chaotic situation we find out silhouette and art. As a result, “silhouette Art” was created.

At the beginning, how many of the members were in your team and has the number of employees increased by now?

At the very beginning we were three together: I as an Art Director, my assistant designer and marketing manager. Right now our group consists of 7 permanent employees. However, in the case of having large orders or holidays approaching our team grows respectively.

We also have a very good photographer, who takes the picture with exactly the emotion we put inside in the process of making an artwork. His role is quiet big in our success.

What are the materials you use for the body of your work?Are those materials available in Georgia or you buy them from abroad?

Absolutely, all materials that we need are available in Georgia. Basically, we mainly use wood, copper, varnish. However, other materials can be also used due to the customers’ requirements.

How is the public’s interest towards your production?

After 6 months operation on the market the interest towards our artworks increased and it is getting more and more all the time. Our objective was as follows. Before they liked, observed, gradually some people started to buy them as a gift. Awareness was increasing day to day.

Now our creations are enough popular. We will try to offer to our customers new interesting creations all the time. According to their interests we try to grow and develop.

Which is your target segment?

People looking for a different, accordingly, there is no limitation at age as there are no limitations for searchers.

Basically you take orders or you create things on your desire? When ordering, which illustrations are dominant?

I would say both of them are usual at our practice. As soon as the collection is exhibited, all artworks are sold right away. After this we work on private orders, as for large companies, for specific clients as well. The illustrations concerning love theme is anyway dominant.


 How do you think you achieve success in Georgia in this sphere? In your opinion, is this segment developed in our country?

Our country is going through the stages of several developments. There are a lot of interesting directions in terms of art; however, there is lack of right marketing support.

For artist it is rather difficult to think about creation of the artwork and its realization at the same time. I would say that tandem between young marketers and artists plays significant role in this segment development.

What makes “Sillhouette Art” special? More precisely, what makes you different/unique from other makers?

In my opinion, we will be always different from others due to our main features, meaning that our unique design only for unique customers. We will do our best to develop even more and become skilled; additionally, we will try to respond to customer’s requirements in accordance with market demands.

Generally do you have personal exhibitions?

So far we did not have. Despite the several proposals, we consider that we are not ready yet to take part in exhibition. However, we are getting ready to participate in the future.

Where do you sell your products both online and offline?

It is only possible via online, on our official web page, however we plan to set up the studio-salon in spring 2016, where we host our guests. Our artworks can get anybody wishes; even from abroad the volunteers are able to subscribe them.

What are your future plans?

The plans we currently have are about setting up several shop-salons throughout Georgia. We are into supplementing new branches. In conclusion, we keep our main line, only adding new ideas and interesting projects will be implemented under our brand name.

Additionally, our main objective is to make the salon the place where the students from Art Academy will be able to realize their ideas and thoughts.

Finally, what is the maximum you would like to achieve in your Activity?

Being on the world market under the Georgian brand is our final Goal.