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Silknet Presents a Refreshed Brand to Public

Silknet Becomes Main Brand and Geocell with the Unchanged Name is represented as Its Mobile Direction.

Silknet and Geocell are two brands with long history that changed people’s mindset about time and means of communication. Years ago, fast internet became more accessible with Silknet. For the first time in Georgia, Siklnet made it possible to manage Television according to one’s own time and preference. By implementing telecommunication means adapted to people’s needs and by their constant development Silknet became inseparable part of people’s lives. Another breakthrough was the first mobile call in Georgia, which made our country a part of the global telecommunication progress. This historical moment was made by Geocell. From this day on, the first mobile operator in Georgia is pioneer in implementing technological innovations and introducing unique ways of customer centric service.

At every stage of their development, for both companies it was of utmost priority to implement not only technological novelties but also to run responsible business, care for environment and execute many useful projects.  Silknet and Geocell are an integral part of country’s economic and social life, contributing to its progress.

It’s been a while since the two big companies joined the forces and turned into one team. Silknet brought together all technological means necessary for people’s communication and created a world of limitless opportunities.

This is the history and the future of two brands, playing a huge role in people’s lives.

From now on, Silknet is a main brand uniting unlimited possibilities to watch, listen, talk, learn, teach, entertain, discover and just stay connected with Silknet. Geocell logo – famous purple stone will be removed. As you  know Geocell was part of Swedish Telia Company and respectively its logo belonged to the group. Since Geocell no longer belongs to Telia, logo is being removed. As for the Geocell name, it remains unchanged  and it will be the name of mobile direction of the mother brand, Silknet. The decision to keep Geocell name was made by the company based on existing emotional bond with the Geocell brand. This decision was proved by brand researches as well.

By acquiring Geocell, Silknet united two brands and made it an unprecedented business deal in Georgia’s history, which created strong, stable and successful Georgian telecommunication company. The full spectrum of telco services gives the opportunity to a customer to benefit from all: internet, television, telephony and mobile services. From technological perspective, this is the most complex mechanism, while for end users is provides the easiest and smartest way to enjoy the vast world of everyday communication. All this is united in one brand.

Get full spectrum of technologies and enjoy it at fullest – this is a promise for customers of the refreshed brand, which will very soon be experienced by the new product.

This new model of telco will bring a lot of positive changes for subscribers. Existing ways of service as well as offices will be replaced by different novelties. In the near future company will serve its customers in a new space with unlimited opportunities, tailored offers and comfort.

Meanwhile, brand refreshment of the united company is in the process. This will be reflected from September 21. Stage by stage all shops and sale offices in Tbilisi and regions will be refreshed accordingly.

Soon the loyal customers of the refreshed brand will enjoy and reap the benefits of  many interesting and new opportunities.