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Sigma Technology & Solution Rehabilitates Goderzi Ski Resort Water Storage Reservoir

Giorgi Tsintsadze: «We have managed to perform high-quality works thanks to VESTUS – Today the resort has no water supply problems».

Sigma Technology&Solution has rehabilitated water storage reservoir of Goderdzi ski resort. The company specialists managed to empty the reservoir in the shortest period, examined the level of damage and carried out corresponding rehabilitation works. It is important that the company has managed to prevent leakage from the storage reservoir and restored water supply to the resort by use of VESTUS innovative product.

The water storage reservoir was built at Goderdzi ski resort in 2012 with the aim to supply water to the resort cottages and hotel. Goderdzi Resorts director Zurab Churkveidze noted that the storage reservoir had continuous problems for many years and rehabilitation works were carried out almost every year, but in vain. At the same time, the Goderdzi Resort director makes emphasis on professionalism of specialists of Sigma Technology & Solution.

«The reservoir hydro insulation and rehabilitation became necessary after the leakage. We had serious losses and water supply problems arose for the Goderdzi Resort. Rehabilitation works lasted 20 days and were finished successfully».

«In the inspection process we detected more problems than expected. Water in the reservoir was leaking outside and the reservoir was polluted by outer water inflows. As a result of earlier implemented rehabilitation works, insulation works were carried out erroneously. But thanks to our product we have managed to fulfill the works at high level – Today the resort has no water supply problems», Giorgi Tsintsadze, chief executive director and co-founder of Sigma Technology and Solutions noted.

It should be noted that the population does not use the reservoir. This water is supplied to only cottages, hotels and nearby construction facilities. According to the Goderdzi Resorts director, at this stage the reservoir has no problems:

«Consequently, the reservoir is capable to launch valuable operation. Through Vestus we have performed high-quality works, used nano-technologies. As a result, we have rehabilitated the reservoir efficiently and at high paces».

Goderdzi Ski Resort opened on December 5, 2015. The resort includes gondola and Buble cable way. Total length of the ski route is 8 kilometers. Maximum height above the sea reaches 2 366 meters.

At this stage, the resort comprises 7 cottages, as well as the hotel and administrative building. The resort is able to host 7 000 visitors simultaneously.

Sigma Technology &Solution offers VESTUS innovative product to consumers. VESTUS is thermal, hydro and anti-corroding innovative product made by nano technologies and provides at least 16-year guarantee for buildings. For the first time, VESTUS technology was used by the Americans on the Moon for landing a special flying machine. Today, the mentioned is widely applied on spacecrafts.