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SICPA Unveils Details of Agreement with Government

SICPA Unveils Details of Agreement with Government

In his interview with BM.GE news agency, the director of Georgian representation of SICPA, a Swiss company for electronic marking of strong drinks, has unveiled details of an exclusive agreement with Government of Georgia.

We remember from the near past that ex Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri mentioned the agreement as an enslaving one which was stripping the Government of the right for cancellation or revision of the mentioned agreement.

In response to similar statements SICPA accused Government of Georgia of ignoring the assumed obligations.

“Financial obligations before SICPA are not fulfilled, regretfully. There should be more than 1 billion markings for 5 Cent each. Neither quantity nor marking price is fulfilled. Both parties agreed that Government was to ensure a specific quantity of markings and SICPA was to make corresponding investments. The other party has not fulfilled financial conditions. I have no idea why this agreement is an enslaving for Government. I think this agreement is enslaving for us”, Giorgi Jikidze, head of SICPA representation in Georgia, told BM.GE.

All other details are kept secrete because of confidentiality. The validity period of the agreement will expire in 2020. It is not known whether SICPA will use due sanctions. Instead of obligation for marking one billions of bottles, SICPA marks 6 million bottles of soft drinks and Government pays about 600 million GEL for this service.