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“Sheraton Palace” may be Closed for 10 Months

“Sheraton Metechi Palace” hotel may be closed for 10 months. The hotel management company “Rakia”  begins thereconstruction of ” Sheraton” in autumn.

According to Director General of “Rakia Georgia”, there are two opinions regarding the reconstruction of the hotel, the project will be  carried out in parallel with the operation of the hotel or the hotel will close and will be  eventually repaired. Guga Tsanava says that he supports the hotel’s closure  because in this case thereconstruction will be completed in 10 months, otherwise,  the process will last for 3 years.

Tsanava notes that it’s just  an idea and the  founder has to make a final decision. As Tsanava says, “Rakia” will spend  USD 25 – 30 million on the  reconstruction of “Sheraton Palace”. It is also known that it is planned to double the number of hotel rooms. In Tsanava’s words,  this time the hotel includes 140 rooms, after the reconstruction their number will increase to 250. The hotelreconstruction will begin in the fall.