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Sharpest Competition on Georgia’s Nuts Market Frequently Creates Deficit

There is sharpest competition on Georgian nut market and we frequently have filbert deficit on the market, Aleksandre Motserelia, head of board of Association of Filbert Processing Companies and Exporters  told Business Contract. In September-December 2016, Georgian filbert exports did not decrease, despite bad harvest, Motserelia said.

The most important thing is to increase filbert price, Motserelia added.

“It is important to operate with high prices and to this end we should produce as top quality products as possible. Our filbert is sold at the lowest tariffs worldwide  and we want to make it a premium-class product. Our prices are lower compared to Turkish and Azerbaijani filbert.

We should improve product quality, first of all, to achieve higher prices for our predicts. We should also maintain stable quality”, Motserelia pointed out and added that Georgia cannot compete with Turkey, but current price difference is exaggerated.

“We have very competitive domestic market and sometimes we have product deficit. There are a lot of private bodies, who buy filbert. Many people talk about monopoly, but this is not true. Monopoly is ruled out, because there are many interested bodies who invest in filbert business”, Motserelia noted.