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Shaloshvili Cellar Plans to Expand Export

Markets Shaloshvili Cellar financed within the framework of the preferential agro-credit program plans to expand into foreign markets.

According to the company’s Director Aleksi Shaloshvili, recently pilot batch of products has been sent to Russia, the talks are also underway with the Kazakh side. According to him, the company plans to participate in international exhibitions. The wine price ranges within $ 3 – 6. Shaloshvili Cellar produces a dry wine, as well as kindzmarauli from Saperavi grapes grown in the company’s own vineyard which is located on 15 hectares and yields 150 tons of grapes.

The company explains that the wine taste is unique, because KINDZMARAULI is made from high quality grapes, is naturally sweet and the refrigerator stops the fermentation process.  Shaloshvil Cellar was founded in 2013. The company got a loan of $ 200 000 within the preferential agro- credit project and bought all the necessary equipment with the received money.