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Seed Forum Tbilisi 2016 to Take Place on 12th and 14th of December

 IHUB Tbilisi is part of IHUB international Network  and was opened by Seed Forum Foundation in 2015.  Startups get a chance to not only get a space for work, but to have trainings and different courses to support their business.  Seed Forum Foundation is one of the largest investment organizations which unites 46 countries , where according to Seed Forum Calendar, investment conferences take place twice a year. IHUB Tbilisi organizes Seem Forum with the support of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 Forum will take place on 12th and 14th December. It will be divided in two parts:

Pitching Training will take place on 12th of December and startups registered before 4th of December will participate in it. Participants will be from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.  During the training, 10 best companies will be chosen which will take part in the event held on 14th of December.

 14th Of December – Seed Forum Tbilisi 2016 will take place in National Library in Georgia, where 10 winner companies will present themselves in front of Georgian investors and introduce them them their ideas. Opening speech will be done by Steinar Korsmo, the president of Seed Forum Global Foundation and representatives from the Ministry of Economy, GITA and president administration representatives. 

 The first Seed Forum Conference took place last year in December by IHUB Tbilisi and the next one was organized on 24th of May, 2016. As a result of the conferences, 6 best companies were revealed which got an opportunity to depart to 4 countries to attend the conferences: in Dubai, Tallin, Singapore and New York.