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Secret for Popularity of Toyota PRADO and Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota PRADO and Toyota Land Cruiser 200 are reported to be our region’s most requested and most sellable models among Toyota vehicles. The best parameters, unique driving advantages and characteristics make PRADO and LC 200 the most demandable models, Toyota’s official representation in Georgia says.
Last period the interest in the mentioned models has doubled. Toyota Center Tbilisi and Toyota Center Tegeta, Toyota’s official dealers in Georgia, offer preferential campaigns jointly with partner commercial banks.
The history of Land Cruiser started over 60 years ago. This is a legendary off-road vehicle with the best technical characteristics. It is successfully sold in over 170 countries of the world. “These models have deserved special respect in our region thanks to their best adjustment to the region’s off-road conditions. Moreover, these vehicles provide genuinely premium and business class comfort”, the Toyota representation says.
It should be also noted the seven-seat model is also very sought-after vehicles in the Caucasus. This category of vehicles includes the third line of seats, which are rolled up and the space is transformed into a quite extensive trunk. Similar models are especially convenient for families with many children for traveling to outskirts or making long-distance tours.
Currently, diesel-driven vehicles are the most requested models in Georgia. The mentioned models have further improved diesel combustion efficiency, that is, about 8 to 11 liters in urban areas. Moreover, the vehicle’s torque is 400/1600-2800, horsepower equals to 188, and the acceleration makes up 11.7 seconds to develop 100 km/h. The emission volume has been reduced to 226 g/km.
Moreover, the body of these models, MT monitor and MTS system enable drivers to select a desirable regime of driving in various road conditions. X-HAC system of pneumatic suspension ensures soft and comfortable driving.
PRADO and LC200 fans also know other important and usable functions that stress the peculiarity of these models.
KDSS system adds more self-confidence to the vehicle and ensures comfortable driving in both urban and off-road conditions.
AVS system takes the vehicle to a higher level and this function is very important in the impassable section of the motorway.
HAC system helps the driver overcome the rise, while DAC system assist on descents and steep slopes.
Crawl Control simplifies driving in off-road conditions and minimizes the necessity of use of an accelerator and breaks.
VFS system regulates the steering, aerodynamics indicators and fuel consumption on long distance driving.
NVH system minimizes noise inside and ensures maximum comfort in fast driving.
Consumers are able to buy vehicles as part of the campaign at Toyota Center Tbilisi and Toyota Center Tegeta up to March 31.