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Same Group – Service that the Company Provides for Hotel Owners

SAME Group is a company that unites hotels, apartments, guesthouses of various types and carries out their management.

SAME Group founder Giorgi Isakadze told Business Morning and noted that today this service is an in-demand direction on the market.

“The statistics shows that the inflow of tourists is growing year to year and new facilities are built. Today, according to my information, there are more than 4 000 hotel facilities in Tbilisi with more than 70 000 beds. Our experience has proved that there are a lot of discontent tourists. They cannot get products that have ordered in reality. Therefore we have chosen the ancient Georgian word SAME that denotes a genuine and right thing. We will offer genuine and valuable products to tourists. We aim to introduce certain standards so as our tourists trust us and hotels united in our company”, Giorgi Isakadze said.

Prior to taking a facility into management, SAME Group provides consultations to hotel and guesthouse owners, explain what measures should be carried out so as the facility satisfy certain standards, he added.

“We do not rent hotels, we only manage them. Having explored specific facilities, we discuss the existing problems with owners, train the staff or offer our own staff and then start management. We have not limitation on hotel suites. We explain to the owners how to manage a hotel. Namely, we offer a reduction of fixed expenditures, such as administrative costs to 10-suite hotels”, Giorgi Isakadze said and added that at this stage the company manages 6 hotels in Tbilisi.

„Key objective of the company is to cooperate with hotels operating in the tourism cities for 23 years. Having attained this goal, the company will care to launch cooperation with various tourism cities worldwide”, Giorgi Isakadze noted.