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Sako Tsotsoria

Sako Tsotsoria: Successful Company Brings Benefits to Society

Sako Tsotsoria, PR and Marketing Manager for Radisson BLU Tbilisi and Radisson BLU Batumi hotels in her interview with CBW talked about her path to success, peculiarities of public relations in Georgia and most importantly she stressed the importance of social responsibility, which is mutually beneficial for business and for the society.

The reason of this is to show example that applying CSR is just redefining aspects of what you’re already doing; it needn’t be exotic or costly. Instead, start small and gain momentum.

– What is your profession?

– I am specialist of Public Relations. I have also graduated from journalism faculty.

– Your first job place.

– I remember my first job place very well. My lecturer Ekaterine Togonidze offered me to work in a magazine. I was a second-year student and I was very happy and surprised that she chose me among so many students.

– Current job and position.

– Currently I am PR and marketing manager at Radisson BLU Tbilisi and Radisson BLU Batumi.

– Your first success.

– I believe I have chosen a right profession and this is my first success.

– Business, project that you take pride in even today.

– I am proud of all projects implemented jointly with Radisson BLU as part of social responsibility activities, including environment protection project, charity campaign for orphan children, growth in perception of breast cancer, woman in leadership project and so on.

– Field, where you would never work in.

– Never say never. At the same time, I would feel very bad at the job, where I would not be able to create something new.

– What makes a person successful in your field?

– In general, I believe a person should choose a right profession, because if you love your business very much, consequently, you want to know and learn more and you remain in development process permanently. Therefore, self-determination and hardworking is required, besides knowledge.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to study PR on valuable level, or international knowledge and experience is necessary?

– In my student years this field lacked for due literature. We had to search information in internet and translate it. Naturally, we have made advancements in this respect and Georgian universities provide valuable courses to students. At the same time, practical skills are as important as theoretical knowledge and foreign experience is necessary component in this respect.

– Is PR perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical form?

– PR shapes general image and attitude toward company and this is not determined by one company or media coverage or frequent placement of advertisements. I think similar mistakes are made frequently in Georgia. A company should follow specific strategy and goals when planning PR campaigns.

– How easily can you settle crisis situations and take decisions? Do you think similar cases worsen working process quality?

– Management of crisis situations is not a simple business and it requires quite profound knowledge and practice. Naturally, the more experience you have in this field, the more cases you have passed and, therefore, in the course of time, you cope with crisis situations easier. It is also important how well a person analyzes general situations, because right decisions depend on this analysis. As to me, it would be more expedient that my employer company talk about this.

– Interesting episode from your life (business) that has changed your life.

-I would name my working period at Radisson BLU Iveria hotel, because working with a global brand has brought different experience to me. Besides local issues, I also work on foreign markets and this is very interesting and important experience.

– If not this profession, which field would you work in?

– Last period I am interested in gastronomy. I also want to make music… And it is not necessary to change my profession to take efforts in these two fields. Just more time is required and I know I can do this. As to job, I would be rather defender of women rights.

– What about your personal strong features?

– Devotion to my business and hardworking, without which I would not be able to attain desirable goals.

– What benefits do you receive from your employer company? What factors make it interesting for you?

– I think I have answered this question partly. I would add that, besides residential apartments, Radisson BLU hotel also includes 2 world level restaurants, bars and spa services and these factors make our working process more interesting. Working on six different brands shapes various skills in me.

I believe a company should be appraised as successful when it brings benefits for society. Intense involvement of Radisson BLU in social responsibility project is the value that is of crucial importance for me. I think my project – Woman in Leadership is especially interesting project. It calls for creation of equal working environment and structure for women and men.

– What makes major comfort in working process?

– A lack of team spirit, involvement of unnecessary people in working process and conservative thought. At the same time, little discomforts cannot hamper our working process to make business due to my priorities.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– I think and I hope to have my own favorite business that I will be devoted entirely to.