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Russian Yandex Taxi Started Operation in Georgia

Yandex Taxi, the Russian giant online order taxi service company, has launched operation in Georgia. Georgia is the fourth country, where the Russia company has entered. Before, Yandex Taxi had entered Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

“Upon inauguration of our services in Armenia and Kazakhstan, Yandex Taxi has advanced positions in the downloading rating of App Store and Google Play and maintains a leading position. It is also a leading company in the category of Transport – in relation to entrance to the new region”, the company head Tigran Khudaverdian noted.

According to the INTERFAX.ru, currently, 11 fleets of taxis in Tbilisi have assigned 200 vehicles for Yandex Taxi services. The service will cover other cities of Georgia too. The service tariff for the first two kilometers is 0.50 GEL and additional 0.50 GEL is charged on every new kilometer.

At this stage, the service fee is paid only in cash, but cashless payment system will be also introduced in the near future.

In the course of time, Yandex Taxi plans to introject Comfort and Business tariffs too. The Russian company plans to enter other countries too, including Ukraine and, Estonia and Latvia.

Currently, Yandex Taxi operates in 30 cities and involves more than 70 000 vehicles. Moscow is the main market.

According to the first quarter indicators, the company revenues made up 445 million Rubles, up 2.8 times compared to the same period of 2015.